Business Intelligence

Thinking about investing in Cuba but miss the evidence? We have access to Cuba's largest databases on real estate, labour, and market intelligence. We provide the evidence. You focus on your business.

Legal Advice

Puzzled about Cuba's legal framework? Our legal experts will help you fill applications, register your brand locally, issue contracts, and help you with your Cuban dues.


Looking for an investment opportunity? Our team will provide you with the information you need. Based on a permanent local presence, we'll provide your business with a step-by-step strategy on how to move forward in the Island.


Planning a business trip to the Island? Our local team provides you all the assistance you need. We'll book hotels, provide transport, plan introductions, and even include leisure breaks. Productivity at its best.


We have presence in Cuba, Spain, and the United States—and a world-class operations center in Havana.

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